D-FLY system of protection against theft of goods from the shelves

The system consists of a control block and sensors, which are connected to a control block. There are different control blocks: with number of sockets from 8 to 48, with no recharge function and including it. All control blocks have a siren built-in (adjustable sound level), and light indication of control block performance, as well.

Alarm system is equipped by accumulators. Accumulators provide normal protection system operation within up to 48 hours after the 220V power supply deactivation. The system itself keeps accumulator charging voltage under control and tries to keep permanent 100% charge level.

All control boxes are manufactured in special dust-protected case with overheating protection and performance introspection. The control box design allows to place it in any positions on any shelves (horizontally, vertically on the wall, etc.), and its small dimensions allow to fulfill its assembly behind any shelves. A built-in siren 105 dB provides excellent sygnal audibility, when control block is activated, at that.

Control unit

1. Control unit  2. Board of sensor slots  3. Indicators

Remote control unit with dynamical code and block encryption algorithm

The control box is operated from the distance by remote control unit with dynamical code and block encryption algorithm installed, which uses a 64-bit key. A code sequence repeats more than through each 65 000 commands under such technology. It makes it impossible to intercept a code for an evil-doer and provides the highest possible system operation reliability. Remote control unit with dynamical code 

1. Remote control unit  2. Guard activation button  3. Guard cancellation button

The goods protection is fulfilled by means of sensors, which are installed on them. The sensors are switched to security alarm block. All sensors have the built-in tiny signal diods, which provide visual monitoring of their performance position from the side of a store staff. All sensors cases are made from high quality impact resistant ABS plastic. It provides their long-time operation and prevents from mechanical damages.


1. Sensor