Why you should choose antitheft systems D-FLY?

100% Russian Origin

This 100% Russian product, combines the best reliability, efficiency and usability features, keeping up-to-date design and newest trends in approach to commodities protection for all that.


Top quality level is provided by multistage quality control while protection system production. D-FLY protection system is installed in sales area of a lot of Russian regions located from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, and on the Kazakhstan territory as well. There can be quite severe working conditions (high dust level, humidity, temperature fluctuations, unstable power supply, etc.), and protection system demonstrated uninterrupted performance under all these circumstances.


Full cycle of manufacture located in Ekaterinburg and substantial production volume provide the best prices and conditions we are able to offer.

Design and ergonomics

The protection system sensors are notable for the modern design, and made of different colours as well – white, grey and black. It allows to consider concept of any store and to use them in any colour solution in accordance with sales area decoration standards and corporate style of a client.

The shortest possible terms of delivery

Full cycle of production in Ekaterinburg leads to permanent availability of substantial stockholding. So, our company is able to provide the delivery of equipment needed to equip 200 – 300 stores of middle dimensions within not more than one week. At the same time many clients have to expect for equipment, ordered from other supplies, from 1 to 3 months.


The protection system is simple and convenient in use. The different sensors are easily interchangeable, control panels are universal and attachable with sensors of any type. The system control is fulfilled from the distance by remote control unit and does not demand the permanent presence of staff near each sensor.

Easy to assemble

Many of users decide to fulfill assemble by their own. It saves their money. The manufacturer guarantee in such cases remains to be valid.