Successful promotion of D-FLY equipment on Kazakhstan market is in progress.

D-FLY system is installed in several stores of «Sulpak» network

«Sulpak» company today – is the biggest retail chain of stores of household appliances and electronics in Kazakhstan. It includes more than 70 stores in 30 the largest cities of the country: Alma-Ata, Astana, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Atirau, Aktau, Uralsk and others.

D-FLY system is installed to protect smartphones, tablets, photo cameras, e-books and other goods. Special sensors with recharge function are used to protect smartphones and tablets. Their use allows keep the article in permanent charged condition, and each buyer is able to see the article functionality in detals.


Supply and assembly of D-FLY equipment on the territory of Kazakhstan Republic is fulfilled through our official distributor - The Company TOO «Security Systems Kazakhstan».