Good communication

The company was established at 2002 in Saint-Petersburg. Its main type of activity was wholesale of cell phones. In 2003, it has been decided to develop the own retail network. The first retail outlet has been launched in the city Petrozavodsk. The retail network was named a "Good link".

Retail network has been developed in the north-west region of Russia: Republics of Karelia and Komi, the Vologda and Leningrad regions. By the year of 2008, the quantity of retail outlets in the network exceeded half a hundred. The cell phones retail has changed at some extend during the unforgettable period of "panics" in the economy. Mobile operators began to develop their own retail. It caused the decision to change the outlets format. So, in 2010 the testing project of new outlet was launched: of outlet with wide range of products placed in open display. 2011 is remarkable for the appearance of retail outlets under the one more brand name: "The Mobile Electronics Mall".

The main difference was connected with the goods. The company began to purchase big lots of certain models of mobile devices and accessories to them, purchases from the stocks, and also discounted electronics from huge retailers, to be able to offer the best prices to the buyers. In 2013, the "Good link" outlets started to appear in Saint-Petersburg.

The Company is going to keep launching the outlets with open display. Its main purpose is to offer the clients the widest possible range of accessories and portable devices under the best prices in Saint-Petersburg and cities of north-west region of Russia. The web-site combines to brands "Good Link" and " The Mobile Electronics Mall ", in order to show the wide range of mobile electronics and accessories, and to provide an opportunity to compare and choose the best price in all the cities of presence.