"M.Video" - retailer of household appliances and electronics

"M.Video" — is the leader among retail networks of household appliances and electronics in Russia and one of the biggest European companies of this segment. Moreover, "M.Video" — is the only Russian non-product network.

"M.Video" Company" JSC shares have been traded on the largest exchange platforms RTS and MMVB (ticker symbol: MVID) since November, 2007. "M.Video" retail network operates since 1993. More than 300 outlets of network are located in 135 cities of Russia. The company has more than 17 thousand of employees. "M.Video" product range exceeds 20 thousand positions of different devices: audio/video and digital applications, small and big household electronics, goods for entertainment, and accessories.

The universal trade halls format with square of 1500-1800 sq. m. has been designed for all the "M.Video" outlets.

D-FLY equipment is installed in many of "M.Video" outlets — one of the leading Russian retail networks of household appliances and electronics, the first and the single public company in its segment, possessing by about two hundred of hypermarkets in 74 cities of Russia. Our company supplied D-FLY goods-on-shelves theft protection systems for two outlets in Tyumen region, and also in Saint-Petersburg.

D-FLY system — is the creation of our engineers. It becomes more and more popular among the huge and well-known companies, offering digital equipment and electronics. D-FLY equipment secret of success is, firstly, in its reliability and universality, because the sensors of the protection system allow to protect practically the whole range of goods, located on the shelves in open display for the outlet visitors. The price, which is substantially lower than the price of other systems presented on the market, is another strong side of D-FLY.