Kits «D-Fly»

"D-FLY" module with recharge function, SuperEnergy series

This module is designed for recharge of all types of phones, smartphones, communicators, ebooks, etc. (excluding tablets). The module is produced with 8 and 16 channels available.

"D-FLY" set with no recharge function

"D-FLY" module with no recharge function. It is designed to work with all types of sensors, which do not require recharging of the goods. The module may have 8; 16; 24; 32 and 48 channels.

Block «D-Fly» recharging function, a series for tablets

This module is the most universal one. It allows to recharge all types of tablets, as well as all kinds of other electronic devices (phones, smartphones, ebooks, etc.). This module is also produced in two versions, equipped by 8 or 16 channels.